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Flights to Copenhagen from Boston

With endless hours of in-flight entertainment comprised of movies, music, and documentaries, plus Wi-Fi onboard most aircraft, there’s plenty to keep you entertained on your transatlantic flight. For an unparalleled flying experience and competitive fares, choose Icelandair to fly from Boston to Copenhagen. The enchanting, timeless city of Copenhagen awaits you.

Icelandair offers regular flights from Boston (BOS) to Copenhagen (CPH) throughout the year. Book today using our flight finder tool.


FAQs about travel from Boston to Copenhagen

Helpful information for passengers traveling from Boston to Copenhagen

What is the flight time from Boston to Copenhagen?

The average flight duration from Boston Airport (BOS) to Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is around 7 hours and 30 minutes if you fly direct. Though this does not factor in any layovers you have planned.

When you fly to Copenhagen with Icelandair, you can extend your stopover in Iceland for up to seven days at no extra airfare.

How can I find cheap flights from Boston to Copenhagen?

To find the best airfare from Boston to Copenhagen, we recommend being flexible on which dates you travel.

Booking tickets during Copenhagen’s off-season can see you secure a low price on your flights and accommodation.

We also advise checking our flight deals often and booking your vacation in advance.

When is the best time to fly from Boston to Copenhagen?

The best time to book flights to Copenhagen from Boston is during the summer months, from June – early September. During this time, Copenhagen comes alive with vibrant outdoor events and festivals.

Plus, those longer, warmer days allow you to explore the city’s lively arts and social scene, historic sites, and charming waterfront districts with ease.

Does Icelandair offer nonstop flights from Boston to Copenhagen?

Passengers flying from Boston to Copenhagen with Icelandair will first change at Keflavík Airport.

From there, you will fly directly to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup (CPH).

The flight duration from KEF to CHP is just over 3 hours.

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