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What to see and do in Oslo

An overhead view of the city of Oslo in Norway, with red brick buildings and lots of greenery

What to expect in Oslo

Norway's spectacular countryside gets all the tourist attention, but Oslo deserves some hype too.

The capital invigorates its visitors thanks to an enviable combination of urban sleekness and natural charm, with forests, islands, and lakes on its doorstep.

Everything in Norway comes with a scenic backdrop.

The Norwegian scenery is inspiring, whether viewed from the deck of a boat or through the window of a car or train. Travelers can discover deep blue, seemingly endless fjords, one after another.

When it comes to exploring the city, let us be your guide to Oslo.

Dining in Oslo, Norway

Thanks to Norway's long and magnificent coastline, you're promised fresh off-the-boat seafood at restaurants all across Oslo.

Aker Brygge, the vibrant waterfront district, is the perfect venue for alfresco fun on long summer nights. It's a former shipyard that was given a new lease on life. In a prime destination for eating, drinking, and shopping, you’re guaranteed to love this area.

Rumor has it that Oslo's coolest neighborhood is Grünerløkka. A magnet for the city's hipsters and creative types, and home to the city's most interesting food, coffee, cocktails, boutiques, and design, it's great for exploration.

But Oslo is also home to food from all over the world. The Grønland area is the perfect place to start, with food from India, Eastern Europe, and Africa at your fingertips.

People drink and dine outside at a restaurant by the water in Oslo
Pale white sculptures of people sitting and fighting, hosted within Vigeland Park, Oslo

What to do in Oslo

Oslo overflows with world-class museums covering wide-ranging subjects. Meet Edvard Munch and his infamous painting The Scream at the Munch Museum, learn about the impressive history of the Nobel Peace Prize in the stunning building that’s home to the Nobel Peace Center, plus so much more.

Travel the waterfront to journey through time from the medieval Akershus fortress and castle to the 21st-century Opera House, designed to resemble a floating iceberg. It's a great public space and visitors are encouraged to walk and sit on the roof, enjoying a different view of the city they’ve just been exploring!

You can also exercise your camera at many more places around the city. Holmenkollen, for example, is a ski-jump hilltop above the town and a high-altitude landmark with spectacular views.

You’ll find Vigeland Park is also packed with clever, whimsical sculptures that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Day trips from Oslo

You can get a fabulous taste of the Norwegian outdoors without leaving Oslo. Still, the city is a gateway to spectacular landscapes in Norway's prized countryside, for those seeking bigger adventures.

Apart from anything else, leaving the city of Oslo gives you a higher chance of spotting the elusive Northern Lights, with northern Norway offering the best chances of success. But the country offers so much for nature enthusiasts.

To start, the train journey from Oslo to Bergen is considered one of the most spectacular in the world, and from Bergen, the west coast's breathtaking fjords beckon.

Navigate wooded mountain slopes and pass beside gushing rivers. Stop off for unmatched hiking opportunities, to go kayaking or boating in pristine waters, and enjoy brilliant ski facilities (between December and April).

A view of sculptures, flowers and greenery in Vigeland Park, Oslo


FAQs about travel to Oslo

Helpful information for travelers to Oslo

What US cities fly to Norway?

Many major US cities fly into Oslo thanks to Icelandair’s broad connectivity to the city via Iceland.

Travelers can get to Oslo Airport (or Oslo Gardermoen Airport) from airports across the United States, including Seattle, Boston, and Minneapolis.

How long are flights to Oslo?

This depends entirely on where you are flying from in the US and how long your layover is. For example, a flight from Minneapolis to Oslo can be as quick as 9 hours.

How to find cheap flights to Norway?

The cheapest time to fly to Oslo is usually in the winter months when there is slightly lower demand.

However, to secure the best flight deals we recommend booking your flights as far in advance as you can, as travelers can find cheap deals to Oslo throughout the year.

When to book your ticket to Norway?

Oslo’s high seasons run from May to August. At this time, the summer days seem like they never end and the sun can set as late as 10:45pm.

July is the warmest month in the city, and a lot of events, festivals, and activities take place. If you’re interested in spending your time outdoors, this is a really fun time to visit.

Icelandair offers flights to Norway multiple times a week so just let us know when you want to travel and we’re ready to take you there.

On your flight to Norway, why not take a Stopover in Iceland and enjoy the sleek charm of the city of Reykjavík on your way to Oslo.