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Award-flyvninger - vilkår og betingelser

Process for Award bookings:

To book a transatlantic Award flight you need to call our Service Center +354 5050-100.  A service charge of ISK 500 is collected on an Award reservation. This is a manual process and an e-ticket is sent to the email address given to the Icelandair agent.

Three countries within the Icelandair route network require certain passenger information to be transmitted prior to departure for all flights to and from these countries. These are the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Please read all information regarding APIS and ESTA.

Booking Classes:  Economy Class - Economy Comfort - Saga Class.

Minimum Stay:

  • Economy Comfort and Saga Class have no minimum stay.
  • Economy Flex fares: Two days minimum stay or Sunday rule.
  • Economy 1, 2, and 3: Minimum stay Sunday rule.

Maximum Stay:

One Year – except otherwise stated.
When you travel transatlantic with Icelandair a stopover in Iceland is permitted for up to 7 days in each direction at no additional airfare. 


Taxes and other Charges:

Members are personally responsible for payment of airport taxes and part of the fuel charges relating to Award travel, and for other charges, not included in the airfare. 

Booking advance:

Seat availability can be limited. Therefore we recommend that you book an Award ticket in good advance. When booking a one way flight the booking advance is at minimum 2 weeks.

Change fees:

  • Saga Class and Comfort Class:  No change fees.
  • Economy Flex:  ISK 5.000 or 6.000 Saga Points per person.
  • Economy Class 1, 2, and 3:  Ikr 10.000 or 12.000 Saga Points per person.
  • Children 2 – 15 years of age pay Ikr 7.500 or 9.000 Saga Points per person.
  • Children 0 –  2  years of age pay Ikr 1.000 or 1.200 Saga Points per person.
  • The destination and the date can be changed.
  • Name change is not allowed on Award tickets.
  • If changes are made on class of travel an additional number of Saga Points will be charged.
  • If a change to a more expensive destination is made an additional number of Saga Points will be charged plus additional taxes and fuel, if applicable.
  • Members can buy Saga Points on our web page if additional points are needed.
  • For partly used tickets submitted for reissue, the ticket must be reissued and all travel must be completed within one year from the first travel date or according to the maximum stay condition of the fare. 
  • For totally unused tickets submitted for exchange, the ticket must be reissued and travel must begin within one year of the original date of ticket issue.
  • Expired tickets cannot be renewed.

Cancellation and Refund

Saga Class and Comfort Class:

Before departure date:  Full refund less a Service fee.

After departure date: One way refund less a Service fee and “No Show” fee, if applicable.

Economy Flex: 

Before departure date: Full refund less a service fee and ISK 3.000 per flight leg.

After departure date:     One way refund less a service fee and ISK 3.000 per flight leg. “No Show” fee, if applicable.


Before departure date: 50% refund of the Points fare and fuel charges.

After departure date: No refund.

Taxes less a service fee are always refunded.

Cancellation Protection Fee

Members can buy cancellation protection fee. This fee will cover the cost of the trip should one of the passengers be unable to travel due to illness. Documentation in the form of a Medical Certificate signed by their doctor will be required but please click on the link below in order to view the full validity conditions and the procedures in the case of claims.

Award Travel Offers:

Award Offers are valid for a given time, advertised specially with each offer.

Discount for children:

Children aged 0-2 years need 10% of the full adult points requirement and children aged 2-15 years 75% of the full adult points requirement (child must be under 16 years of age on the date of travel). 

Buy Saga Points:

Our members can purchase up to 100,000 Saga Points per member, per calendar year. Maximum 50.000 Saga points can be bought in one transaction.

To Buy, Give or Share SagaPoints members have to sign in with their username and password on our web page. Service fee is added to each transaction.

Award flights may under no circumstances be sold.

Icelandair reserves the right to cancel Award flights that have been wrongfully obtained.
Unwillingness to comply with these terms, as well as other Icelandair
Saga Club terms, can lead to confiscation of a member's card and
cancellation of points.

Members do not earn Saga Points or Card Points for Award Bookings. 

Please note:

If the first flight leg in a booking is not used the whole booking is cancelled and the flight ticket becomes invalid. Refund in such cases is according to the fare paid.  Award travel cannot be linked with reservations with other airlines.