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Icelandair “Team Iceland” Stopover 2018

These Terms and Conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Entry/Offer instructions are deemed to form part of the Terms and Conditions and by participating, all entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the terms and conditions. Please retain a copy for your information

Promoter: Icelandair, Company ID number: 461202-3490 


  1. Definitions
    1. “Icelandair’s Team Iceland Stopover” is a limited service where Icelandair’s transatlantic passengers get the chance to experience a twist on the normal service stopover service in Iceland hosted or available in conjunction with the Icelandair hosts as further defined in section 6. As a proud supporter of Iceland’s national football team and to celebrate the team qualifying for their first ever FIFA World Cup™, the service launches on 3rd May 2018 and continues until the end of June 2018. It is free to book the Team Iceland Stopover service for 90 minutes during a day (but there are limited numbers available each day), and depending on the service activity and/or food expenses etc. could be covered as part of wider activity.
    2. The “Team Iceland Stopover” will be coordinated by an employee of Icelandair, who will liaise with you to ensure this “Team Iceland Stopover” activity is fulfilled to your expectations.
    3. The “Customer” is a customer or group of customers of Icelandair who has/have purchased a flight between North America and Europe or Europe and North America with a stopover in Iceland and wishes to participate in the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover. If the Customer is a group, for the purposes of administration Icelandair will deal with one person, acting on behalf of the group through whom all relevant details (subject to agreement with all others in the group) will occur.
    4. “Icelandair” is a commercial airline with its offices and legal jurisdiction in Iceland.


  1. About the service
    1. The Team Iceland Stopover gives a unique opportunity for customers to enjoy unique experiences created by Icelandair and the national team to recognise the fact that Iceland has qualified for the World Cup.
    2. Icelandair hosts will assist by being the Customer’s travel advisers or chaperoning them as a host in Iceland to ensure all activities in the “Team Iceland” experience are co-ordinated.
    3. Anyone over the age of 18 going on an Icelandair Stopover can request a Team Iceland Stopover experience. Limited Team Iceland Stopover experiences are on offer, slots will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis when matching requirements and availability https://www.icelandair.com/flights/stopover/team-iceland/.
    4. Team Iceland Stopover will be scheduled between 3rd May 2018 and end of June 2018. A limited number of experiences will be available.
    5. Where-ever possible information regarding significant changes in the availability will be posted online thus allowing consumers to be aware of the up to date status and the ability to consider swapping dates or flights where possible.
    6. Whilst Icelandair will endeavour to keep the information updated, and available it cannot be guaranteed.
    7. Each Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover Experience will last for around 90 minutes in any one day, excluding any travel to and from the venue.


  1. Role of the Stopover Icelandair employee on a Team Iceland operation
    1. Customers will get a Team Iceland experience with the assistance or guidance of an Icelandair host.
    2. The Team Iceland Stopover employee is not an official tour guide but will act as a host and the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover is not a package trip by Icelandair. Icelandair is the owner of the Team Iceland Stopover and this year the “Team Iceland Stopover” provides a mechanism which connects together Customers with a pre-agreed itinerary and what to expect. (The Team Iceland Stopover experience) The Customer will need to arrange their own appropriate insurance and provide next of kin details to Icelandair. Icelandair will note and incorporate these in the agreement and conditions of trade with their employee prior to the event to ensure that the Customer is suitably covered for all eventualities, except negligence. The Stopover employee /Icelandair is responsible for getting each individual customer to each Team Iceland experience. The Stopover employee/Icelandair is responsible for meeting the Customer and hosting or taking the Customer for the experience. See section 6 for further detail on timings.
    3. For this Team Iceland experience, certified practioners, operators or professional tutors in Iceland will operate the activities included in the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover, a list of which is available on request. The said representatives will be responsible for fulfilling necessary safety requirements in accordance with law and these will be shared with the Customer. The Stopover Icelandair host may also attend any scheduled activities operated by relevant activity with the Customer, or will just liaise to ensure all activity before and after the experience is maximised.


  1. Customer’s Obligations
    1. An Icelandair Stopover is when Icelandair passengers stopover in Iceland on a transatlantic flight at no extra airfare.
    2. Icelandair has the right to use any material which will be acquired during the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover experiences, such as videos, blog information and photographs. The Customer grants Icelandair exclusive right to use the material from the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover for marketing purposes at Icelandair’s, or its subsidiaries, sole discretion. The Customer can opt out from this clause by sending an e-mail request to teamiceland@icelandair.is.
    3. The Customer/s is/are not obliged to participate in any activity in the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover and may at any time leave the experience or refuse to participate in any of the activities recommended.
    4. The Customer shall in all cases take necessary safety measures during the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover and bring necessary equipment as recommended itinerary suggestion following their choice of activity and agreed.
    5. The Customer shall provide passport, next of kin, and booking confirmation upon meeting at the event in Iceland.
    6. The Customer will be aware of the required insurance cover and have suitable cover in place, which MUST be shared with Icelandair for all on the experience in advance of the trip.


  1. Team Iceland Selection Process
    1. Icelandair cannot guarantee that each Customer will be entitled to participate in the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover. Such participation is dependent on the availability of Stopover Icelandair employees, the hosts and the activities available, when each booking is made. Icelandair will respond to each Team Iceland Stopover request via e-mail within three working days.
    2. In the event that a Stopover Team Iceland experience is not available, the Customer/s will be sent an alternative E-Guide which includes recommendations and tips from Iceland football players and “Team Iceland” on how to enjoy their Stopover in Iceland.

  2. Team Iceland Stopover Package

Stopover customers will request a Team Iceland experience through the Stopover website where the “official form” requesting the activity needs to be completed and will be contacted on a first-come-first-served process. Information, if possible, on the number of Team Iceland experiences available will be shared in advance so Customers have an indication of limits of the as part of the Thank You message. The requested timings for the Team Iceland Stopover experience will be matched against available Icelandair hosts, subject to availability, and acceptance by the relevant individual. Confirmation will be sent to the Stopover Customer within three working days via email. The available experiences are:

Support Like an Icelander: Lucky fans will get the chance to attend the Iceland v Norway game in Reykjavik on 2 June and see the team before they fly to Russia. To make the experience even more special, prior to the match they will be invited to a fan meeting with Heimir Hallgrímsson to hear him talk tactics and team selection ahead of the game.

Equal Play: Lucky fans will get the chance to attend the Iceland Women’s National Team game vs Slovenia on June 11th to enjoy the match like a local.

Train the Icelandic Way: Forget weights in the gym and squats, this is a training session designed by an Icelandic football coach, where passengers will be put you through their paces whilst enjoying the stunning natural beauty the area.

Relax Like a Pro: This 90-minute experience will allow lucky participants to relax at Laugarvatn Fontana, enjoying geothermal baths and a sauna (for those brave enough they can even take an invigorating dip in the cool lake!). This will be followed by a stop in the stunning Þingvellir National Park to enjoy the view with a picnic of Icelandic treats

Footballing Family: We’ll give younger travelers the chance to gain some football tips with a 90-minute session at. This will involve everything from one-to-one advice from the coaches, a session showcasing some of the success stories from the Academy and the chance to have a training session with fellow youngsters.

Goal in One: This 90-minute experience will involve playing a 9-hole round of golf on one of the best courses in Iceland, including spending time with the club pro, who will help our players work on everything from their swing to their putting. Then it’s time to chill out and enjoy some incredible ice cream.

  1. Customers unable to take part in the Team Iceland Stopover activity will be able to have access within three working days to an E-Guide as a consolation. These guides will contain “stopover itineraries” curated by the players for all Stopover passengers to enjoy in Iceland by themselves.
  2. On receipt of a successful request to participate in the Team Iceland Stopover, the Customer will be contacted within three working days via email informing them of their selection. They will also be provided with all the relevant details and more details on the activity and the planned agenda. Any Icelandair employee assisting as a host (will receive a copy of the email via their Icelandair email)
  3. The host and the Customer will liaise via email on specifics of the Team Iceland Stopover activity together with advice on any specific items to wear or bring based on the itinerary which will be the responsibility of the Customer. The Team Iceland Stopover experiences will last 90 minutes during one day, but the host will take them to and from the event.
  4. Whilst the initial itinerary may be subject to change, the date cannot and will not change. The itinerary will also confirm the set meeting point once known and the expected travel time to get to the event
  5. All itineraries are subject to late change, dependent on weather in Iceland and Team Iceland activities and personnel.
  6. The number of guests or people in the group must be confirmed once they have been accepted.
  7. All Customers and Iceland employees as hosts must agree to the code of conduct.
  8. A confirmation email will be sent from Icelandair to the Customer confirming the booking and selected activity the Customer/s is/are expecting on the chosen day. Only in exceptional circumstances when a flight is delayed or cancelled, can a booking be rearranged later than this confirmation agreement email confirming the date of the experience, and this will then be subject to availability as to whether any change is possible but Icelandair will inform and endeavour to minimize any effect to participants to avoid undue disappointment.
  9. The meeting point is dependent on the “Team Iceland” activity chosen, The Customer(s) will be responsible for getting to the meeting point and. Any costs of the Icelandair employee as the host will be covered and paid for by Icelandair and no gratuity is expected from the customer.
  10. The anticipated transport for the day will be provided by Icelandair. Icelandair hosts will be covered by Icelandair insurance and guests must cover themselves on insurance.

  1. Data and Personal Information
    1. Icelandair will abide by the relevant data protection laws including the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation and shall keep your data confidentially and not disclose any personal data regarding Stopover Customers without their consent.
    2. Click https://www.icelandair.com/support/terms-and-conditions/privacy-policy/ for the Promoter’s Privacy Policy. You can request access to your personal data, have any inaccuracies rectified, or request deletions of data, by sending an email to teamiceland@icelandair.is. By participating in the promotional offer, you agree to the use of your personal data as described here.  
    3. There will be an exchange of personal data in order for the Icelandair employee and Stopover Customer to interact and confirm the activity against the agreed agenda. The application form hosted on the website, requests a personal email to allow this process for all on the experience. As highlighted in section 6, the Icelandair employee and Customer will be introduced via email to plan the trip.
  2. Fees and Payments
    1. Participation in the Icelandair Team Iceland Stopover experience is free of charge (save any travel and food expenses where necessary) and the Customer will not make any payment to Icelandair or the Stopover Icelandair employee in excess of the fare for the airline ticket.
    2. Icelandair will pay any Icelandair host out of pocket expenses that are agreed to be necessary for the experience. Such expenses can include, but are not limited to, car rental and payment for scheduled activities Icelandair will also be responsible for the various activities during the chosen day as part of the Team Iceland event.
  3. Cancellation Policy
    1. In the event of circumstances outside the Promoter's reasonable control and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, Icelandair has the right to cancel the Team Iceland Stopover at any time at its sole discretion without any compensation.
    2. The Customer can refuse to participate in any parts of the Team Iceland Stopover and may cancel his Stopover experience although some non-refundable costs may be incurred.
    3. Cancellations shall be made no later than 7 days before the Customer’s stopover in writing by sending an e-mail to stopover teamiceland@Icelandair.is.
  4. Liability and Insurance
    1. Icelandair is not responsible for any activities included in the Team Iceland Stopover. Icelandair will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss (for example loss of enjoyment), damage, expense, cost or other sum or claim of any description whatsoever related to the Team Iceland Stopover.
    2. Icelandair considers adequate travel insurance to be essential. Icelandair cannot accept responsibility for any cost for Customer that may incur as a result of failing to take out insurance cover. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the insurance covers all Customer’s activities.
  5. Governing Law & Jurisdiction
    1. These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Iceland. If any provision of the Terms & Conditions will be considered to be contrary to law, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
    2. Any disputes arising out of these Terms & Conditions shall be resolved exclusively by the Courts of Iceland.
    3. If any of these clauses should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then it shall be severed and deleted from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining clauses shall survive and remain in full force and effect.