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Icelandair is an environmentally-conscious company, committed to addressing its environmental responsibilities. The Company recognises the influence that air travel has on the environment by addressing its responsibilities to reduce emissions, conserve natural resources, as well as optimise the use of sustainable energy and recyclable materials.

Sustainable business growth requires the Company to address its environmental impact, both globally and locally. As part of this effort, Icelandair Group participates in the work of various environmental working groups, such as with IATA, Airlines for Europe (A4E) and the Environmental Committee of the Icelandic Travel Industry Association. Icelandair Group participates in the incentive project of Responsible Tourism in Iceland along with over 300 companies, with the purpose of maintaining Iceland’s status as an optimal future destination for tourists by supporting sustainability for future generations.

Environmental policy

Aviation connects people, cultures and facilitates international relations, business and transport. For an island located in the middle of the North Atlantic, aviation is fundamental to connect to the world and maintain a good quality of life in Iceland. However, like other types of transport, aviation has a significant impact on the environment, in particular through carbon emissions. Icelandair Group sets the standard high in achieving improved environmental performance and to align with the Icelandic authorities’ policy framework for Icelandic tourism – to become a leader in sustainable development.

We are committed to using all available measures to reduce our carbon emissions, to raising awareness about climate issues and being actively involved in industry-wide measures, technical developments and other activities that work towards reducing aviation emissions. While the primary goal is to reduce total emissions, carbon offsetting is an important additional measure to reach our overall objectives.

In addition to compliance with all relevant legal requirements and other obligations, we are committed to:

  • Reducing carbon emissions from aviation and other operations 
  • Decreasing waste, maximizing recycling and finding circular solutions 
  • Promoting responsible use of resources 
  • Increasing the use of environmentally friendly products and services

We continually assess and manage our environmental impacts and are committed to supporting continuous improvements by setting measurable targets and benchmarking our performance.

One of the core values of Icelandair Group is responsibility and as such Icelandair Group aims to set the standard high in achieving improved environmental performance and to inspire others to do the same.

All the Company’s employees are responsible for compliance with the policy.

Icelandair is in cooperation with Klappir – Green Solutions to track and follow the environmental aspects of Icelandair, to foster the data, ensure traceability, integrity, transparency, usefulness and reliability of the data set.

Environmental assessment

Icelandair is certified to the highest level of the IEnvA environmental certification program from IATA, which requires demonstration of ongoing environmental performance improvements.

The assessment scope is flight operations, maintenance, repair and overhaul activities, catering, ground handling and corporate activities.