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What to see and do in Egilsstaðir

Two people sit on a picnic bench outside an eatery in Seyðisfjörður with daisies pictured in the foreground

What to expect in Egilsstaðir

Egilsstaðir (or Egilsstadir) is the largest town in East Iceland. As soon as you step off your flight to Egilsstaðir, dramatic fjords, first-class hiking trails, and picturesque fishing villages are waiting for you.

Egilsstaðir is the capital of the eastern region of Iceland and is a gateway to the beautiful Eastfjords. Egilsstaðir's most unique characteristic is its location inland, beside the narrow Lagarfljót Lake, which begins its life as a glacial river in the Eastern Highlands.

The town is primarily a connection between the northern, eastern, and southern parts of the country.

From here you’ll find that Mývatn in the north, Seyðisfjörður in the Eastfjords, and Djúpivogur in the south can all be reached within just two hours of driving.

Best time to visit Egilsstaðir

A slower pace and easy access to the eastern region make Egilsstaðir the perfect destination for those looking for a memorable holiday escape.

The best time of the year to visit Egilsstaðir is between April and September. During this time, you’ll find there are more hours of daylight and the weather conditions are not as harsh.

November, December, and January offer very few hours of sunlight. For this reason, June, July, and August provide more favorable traveling conditions.

No matter what time of the year you book your flight to Egilsstaðir, we recommend booking your ticket in advance to secure the best deal.

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Things to do in and around Egilsstaðir

Egilsstaðir is the home of the largest forest in Iceland and the mysterious monster that inhabits the depths of the local Lagarfljót lake.

In the East, you can also find wonderfully photogenic examples of Iceland’s diverse nature.

Hike to the magnificent Hengifoss waterfall (a hike which takes roughyly 40-60 minutes), to enjoy views of one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland. Then take a hike or drive through Hallormsstaðaskógur forest, the largest forest in Iceland.

After that you can visit the summer puffin colonies at Borgarfjörður Eystri, as well as the blue-green waters and striking basalt columns of Stuðlagil canyon.

It’s a beautiful area, bursting with natural spots to enjoy.

Take a trip to Vök Baths

With the opening of Vök Baths, not far outside Egilsstaðir, East Iceland has scored its very own spot on the list of the best geothermal bathing spots in Iceland.

The natural hot springs bubble away deep under Lake Urriðavatn and fill the two floating pools at Vök, set in the lake waters which are only reached by a short walkway from the main building.

The building’s prize location is celebrated inside with an infusion bar that allows visitors to make their own herbal tea with herbs that are grown at nearby Vallanes farm and brewed using the certified drinkable hot-spring water of the lake.

Take a visit and you’ll see for yourself why this geothermal bathing spot is getting a lot of attention - both locally and internationally.

An overhead shot of Vök Baths in East Iceland, pictured on a bright day, with two people enjoying the facilities
A lady wearing a red jacket is pictured standing in front of the magnificent Klifbrekkufossar waterfall in East Iceland

Hiking in Egilsstaðir

Just outside the town itself, the Selskógur forest is a popular place to go hiking. Here visitors can enjoy views of the lush vegetation that flourishes in East Iceland and more ambitious travelers can even opt to camp at the Selskógur campsite.

For hikers, there are four hiking paths for hikers to choose from which depart from the car park at the bridge Eyvindarárbrú, with the longest hiking trail being 3.2km.

Maps of the area can be found at Egilsstaðastofa Visitor Center. We recommend all hikers submit their travel plans before setting off.

Transport in Egilsstaðir

Egilsstaðir is a pretty remote part of Iceland, with connecting roads being long and scenic. That’s why many locals and visitors alike choose to fly from Reykjavík.

With the town’s remoteness in mind, renting a car in Egilsstaðir is a popular option. Having access to your own vehicle is also perfect for those looking to plan the ultimate Icelandic road trip.

Alternatively, you can utilize the town’s bus service. You’ll find services to transport you between popular hotspots within Egilsstaðir, as well as get you to other remote Icelandic villages.

Getting around the town on foot is also possible, as it is a fairly compact town.

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FAQs about travel to Egilsstaðir, Iceland

Helpful information for travelers visiting Egilsstaðir

When is the best time to fly to Egilsstaðir?

The best time to book flights to Egilsstaðir is during the summer (between June and August) as this is when the weather is relatively warmer and the days are longer too, giving you more chance to explore everything Egilsstaðir has to offer.

Whatever time of the year you decide to book tickets to Iceland, we recommend booking in advance to secure the best price on flights from Reykjavík to Egilsstaðir.

How long is the average flight to Egilsstaðir, Iceland?

The flight time from Dublin (DUB) to Keflavik Airport (KEF) is around 3 hours and the Reykjavík to Egilsstaðir flight is around 1 hour.

This adds up to a total flight time of roughly 4 hours, though it’s important to remember that airport transfers will add time on to your overall journey.

When can I buy cheap flight tickets to Egilsstaðir (EGS)?

The cheapest months to fly to Egilsstaðir are typically January and February as this is the coldest time of the year in Iceland.

However, being flexible on your travel dates, checking for flight deals, and booking in advance can help you find the cheapest flight prices for your flight to Egilsstaðir.

How far is EGS Airport from the town center?

Egilsstaðir Airport is just 1.5 miles (2.5 km) from the town center. You can either catch a bus or hire a taxi or private car to take you the short distance.

Do I need to transfer between airports when flying from Ireland to Egilsstaðir?

Icelandair passengers traveling to Egilsstaðir from Ireland will land at Keflavík International Airport (KEF). To fly to Egilsstaðir, passengers will need to transfer from Keflavík to the city airport in Reykjavík – a distance of 50km (31 miles).

How long is the flight to Egilsstaðir from Reykjavík?

The short, 60-minute flight from Reykjavík Domestic Airport (RKV) will take you to Egilsstaðir Airport (EGS), and depending on visibility, you can enjoy scenic bird’s-eye views of Iceland's striking landscapes as you fly across the country.

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