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Flights from New York to Dublin with a touch of Iceland

For the best fares and an unparalleled flying experience, choose Icelandair to fly to Dublin from New York. Icelandair provides hundreds of hours of movies and music in the in-flight entertainment system, Wi-Fi access on most flights, and a USB power port at every seat to power up your laptop or smartphone. You'll enjoy an easy transit at our Keflavik hub and one of the shortest flying times over the Atlantic with our flights from New York to Dublin.

Icelandair offers cheap flights to Dublin from the USA and Canada. On your trip to Dublin, stop in Iceland to quickly change planes or to stay a while and make the most of your vacation. Enjoy quaint and cosy Reykjavik, ride an Icelandic horse along the seashore, or climb a glacier. So book tickets now and head for the cobbled streets of Ireland's capital.

Dublin is a cultural city. Take a stroll around its city center and you will be walking in the footsteps of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and other alumni of the city's universities. Along the way you will find plenty of museums and galleries, a lively (and musical) pub culture, and plenty of greenery in the public squares. Check Icelandair's cheap tickets from New York (JFK) Dublin (DUB) and plan your vacation now!

Add a stopover in Iceland to your journey! 

If flying from NYC to Dublin, why not stopover in Iceland? You could simply change planes and be in and out of the airport in under an hour, but you could also do a stopover on our island for anywhere from 1 to 7 days, at no additional airfare. You will have the opportunity to explore Iceland's natural wonders and enjoy the culture and charming boutiques of Reykjavik.

  • If you are flying on Economy Standard, a checked-in bag is included in your baggage allowance. Go ahead and pack your dancing shoes.
  • What's hraunhella? On routes from North America to Europe, we want you to feel like you've learned a little bit about Iceland, so we've added glimpses of info about our country all around the plane, even naming each food item after natural wonders of the country.
  • The word 'Dublin' comes from Irish and means 'black pool'.
  • Shorten your flying time! Because of Icelandair's northerly routes, the duration of flights from New York to Dublin is often significantly shorter than with other airlines.
  • A complimentary warm meal for children is served on all Icelandair flights. And the packaging transforms into a cool, creative kid's toy.
  • The personal in-flight entertainment system is available on nearly every flight from NYC to Europe and it offers a full selection of programming for you and for children too.
  • Use Icelandair to fly from NYC to Dublin for your next vacation and you will have the distinct pleasure of flying the only airline in the world that names its planes after volcanoes. Now try to pronounce this one: Eyjafjallajokull.
  • Dublin is home to many historical buildings, among them Dublin Castle, originally built at the beginning of the 13th century at the orders of King John of England, and the various buildings on the grounds of Trinity College, founded by Elizabeth I in 1592.
  • Dublin airport is located approximately 6 miles north of Dublin.