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Renewable energy and less impact

While we eagerly await Iceland's advancement towards geothermal-powered automobiles, visitors can significantly reduce their carbon footprint now on drives around this beautiful island nation when they rent an EV car from Tesla!

This vacation package compliments our traditional Iceland Fly & Drive holiday, but with the added knowledge you'll be traversing our home, one of the top countries in the world for use of renewable energy, with less impact on the incredible natural elements that make Iceland a truly magical place! With an eco car hire, you'll rest easy knowing your journey will produce zero carbon emissions - doing your part in protecting the beautiful nature of Iceland - and helping this magnificent part of the world move towards sustainable transportation.

Electric cars are in high demand, especially during Iceland's peak summer months of late May to early September, so be sure to book early for the best chance at availability. Bookings include unlimited Mileage, mandatory vehicle insurance such as liability insurance and accident insurance for the driver and owner (amount stipulated by Icelandic law), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), and VAT.

What to know before you rent an electric car from Hertz

  • Get familiar with the Tesla Y, the flag-bearer in the electric car market. More than 200 electric charging stations can be found all throughout Iceland.
  • Find out where to charge your automobile, plus other important information about renting a Tesla Y in Iceland.
  • New to Tesla or electric cars in general? Check out these important FAQs from Hertz to help plan your vacation package booking.

Important Iceland Electric Car Rental Facts To Consider

Charging time: This varies based on the voltage output levels at the four different options for charging in Iceland from which to choose. Tesla Superchargers can add 200km of distance in just 15 minutes at 250 kW, while other fast-charging stations such as those available from Ísorka, ON or N1 can charge between 75-100 kW. Standard public charging stations will add approximately 56 miles for every hour of charging time. Home charging generally takes 20 hours from empty to full.

Driving range: The driving range depends on few factors, e.g. driving style, weather condition / temperature, the total weight of the car with luggage and passengers. Please note that information on driving range is relative and for guidance only. Renting during the winter months? Be sure to review this important information for rentals during the coldest months of the year.

Damages to battery / underbody damage: Insurance to cover damages to the underbody of the vehicle are not available. This is especially vulnerable in regards to electric cars as the battery is located under the vehicle.

Delivery: The car is delivered at least 70% charged and customers must return it back 70% charged. It takes about 20-30 minutes to charge a car to 70% at a supercharger station. If the electric car is delivered back below 70%, a charging and administration fee will apply in the amount of 22.000 ISK.

Iceland Electric Car Rental Tips

Where to start your eco fly & drive vacation

Consider East Iceland! The region’s newly-discovered attraction is Stuðlagil, a canyon of basalt columns and gorgeous surrounding scenery accessible during the summer months, and not even known to locals previously, but since has left quite an impression on Icelanders and tourists alike. Also check out the Vök baths in Egilsstaðir, a collection of serene geothermal floating pools on the gorgeous Lake Urriðavatn.

Best places for adventure in Iceland

Journey to North Iceland where outdoor activities and adventure abound from ice climbing to skiing in the winter, and in the summer: hiking, dips in the local geothermal, camping and much more all under the midnight sun.

If you fancy skiing, the month of April brings the annual Fossavatn Ski Marathon, a festival of cross-country skiing that’s suitable for the whole family. Don't miss out on spending some time in the region’s cultural and population center of Ísafjörður, one of Iceland's most picturesque and unique locales.

The must-see cultural hotspots of Iceland

Vatnajökull National Park is an absolute must, home to the forested horse-shoe-shaped Ásbyrgi canyon in Öxarfjörður, and the gorgeous, peaceful Myvatn Nature Reserve, a paradise for birdwatchers best known as a home to more duck species than anywhere in the world during the summer months. In the evening, don't forget to treat yourself further with dinner in Iceland’s “Capital of the North,” the town of Akureyri.

The Westfjords are an absolutely gorgeous must see, especially in the summertime when travel is more accessible. Visit the bird cliffs at Latrabjarg, or head to the region's stunning waterfalls such as Dynjandi, the area's largest. The brand new observation deck at Mt Bolafjall in Bolungarvík is recommended for July and August visits with an incredible view across Isafjardardjup fjord and its surrounding mountain ranges from 638 meters high above.

If you prefer having Reykjavik as your base and use the car for daytrips to the surrounding areas, optional hotel accommodation in the capital is available during the booking process.

Want to spend more time in Iceland? Each additional night includes car rental.

Included in this package

To Reykjavik, Iceland

Economy Standard
Upgrades available
1 checked bag (23 kg) per person
1 carry-on bag (10 kg) per person

Car rental

Pick-up at Keflavík Airport
Unlimited mileage
Minimum age: 23 years old (4WD; jeeps; vans), 20 (all others)
Collision-damage waiver
Personal Accident Insurance

Taxes & fees

All taxes, fees and fuel surcharges

Saga Points

Earn 3,400 Saga Points on round-trip flights included in all Icelandair Holidays holiday packages


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