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Explore Iceland on an Icelandair Stopover

One of the reasons for flying with us is that we invite you to enjoy a Stopover in Iceland without any additional airfare. That means you can experience two destinations in one trip, spending up to seven days in Iceland.

Discover ideas of how you can use that time, get inspiration for your very own Icelandair Stopover and explore booking options.

For a one-day stopover, we recommend taking a day trip through the southwest of Iceland to sample the best relaxation options on offer.

Start at the Blue Lagoon en route from the airport to Reykjavik and spend your first few hours in Iceland soaking in the milky blue water. Then head to Reykjavik for a refreshing cup of coffee downtown before plunging your feet into the Grótta footbath with a breath-taking view over the Faxafloi bay and neighboring mountains.

When your feet are refreshed, go for a cocktail and a lovely meal at Slippbarinn, the bar at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina. Before you head to the airport again, make a stop at Sóley Natura Spa for a relaxing massage before your flight.

Without too much effort, you can fit in a play, quality food, local arts & crafts, and a concert. Along with the regularly scheduled concerts held throughout the year at Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, the National Theatre shows a wide selection of plays for those interested in the articulation of the Icelandic language. For a complete evening, there’s of course no shortage of quality restaurants in 101 Reykjavík – the heart of the city.

Top your stay off with a quality pampering session at one of our hotels and fly away feeling culturally satisfied and refreshed.

With natural gems like Lake Mývatn, the balmy Mývatn Nature Baths and various sites formed by volcanic activity, any nature lover should feel right at home in the wild North.

Want more time to explore? We recommend taking a flight for the journey north to Akureyri, the “capital of North Iceland”, available on Air Iceland from Reykjavik Domestic Airport. Get your fill of the region for a few days before heading back to the South to take in the famed Golden Circle and the capital Reykjavik.

Some of Iceland’s best-known jewels lie in the south. With a well-equipped rental car you can cover a lot of this adventurous region on your Icelandair Stopover, with activities like ice climbing, snowmobiling, horse-back riding, swimming and waterfall exploration that should be at the top of your itinerary. You’ll also have a range of accommodation to choose from on this route, including the Icelandair Hotels Fludir, Klaustur or Vik.

Be sure to finish up your trip with time to explore the nation’s capital, Reykjavík, before heading back to Keflavik for the next flight in your journey.