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The hotline is available for all Icelandair passengers.

Access the Buddy Hotline

Receive the hotline phone number with your booking confirmation.

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Our Buddies are ready to answer your questions about Iceland.

Plan your perfect stay in Iceland with the Buddy Hotline

You can connect with a Buddy, an Icelandair staff member ready to answer your questions and make travel suggestions, via a phone call or Facebook Messenger. They are passionate about our country and they have the insider knowledge to help make the most of your time. Our Buddies have all volunteered to be part of this initiative.

All Icelandair passengers have access to the hotline once their flight is booked, so why not make the most of your trip by giving a Buddy a call?

Buddy Hotline Opening Hours

  • Open 9am - 3pm on weekdays and 12pm - 3pm on weekends and bank holidays (ET).

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