Flights from Toronto to Madrid

Flights from Toronto to Madrid with a touch of Iceland

For the best fares and an unparalleled flying experience, choose Icelandair to fly to Madrid (MAD) from Toronto (YYZ). Icelandair provides hundreds of hours of movies and music in the in-flight entertainment system, Wi-Fi access on most flights, and a USB power port at every seat to power up your laptop or smartphone. You'll enjoy an easy transit at our Keflavik hub and one of the shortest flying times over the Atlantic.

Philip II moved his court to Madrid in 1561, at the dawn of what Spaniards have called El Siglo del Oro, the Spanish Golden Age. And nowhere are the remnants of this era more visible than in Madrid’s grand architecture and well-groomed gardens. Make your way to the elegant rectangular-shaped edifice of the Plaza Mayor and ramble on into the oldest quarter of the city center. The monarchy might have given way to democratic government, but the imposing Palacio Real, Madrid's Royal Palace, gives the impression of its former wealth and power.

Another indication of the former riches of the monarchy is the vast El Retiro park near the city center. Join the Madrileños for a laid-back picnic in the heart of the city. Adjacent to the park lies the museum district, where visitors can experience the art of Spain’s siglo del oro as well as the sharpest modern artwork.

And then there’s Madrid at night. No one can leave the city without paying a visit to a loud and crowded Spanish bar for a beer and some tapas. If peace and quiet is what you are after, head over to the La Latina neighbourhood, for an authentic paella or perhaps some gallinejas, a standard Madrid dish of fried lamb.

Football enthusiasts might want to visit the Santiago Bernabéu stadium of local heroes Real Madrid, or the Wanda Metropolitano stadium for their adversaries in Atlético Madrid. The historic main street Gran Vía is ideal for shopping and a variety of entertainment including theatre and cinema. And should you wish to be in tune with the locals, take a Sunday tour to the El Rastro flea market which Madrileños have been frequenting for decades.

Book your Icelandair plane tickets to Madrid, Spain (MAD) and experience the hub of Spanish culture first-hand!

Add a stopover in Iceland to your journey!

If flying from Toronto to Madrid with Icelandair, why not stopover in Iceland? You could simply change planes and be in and out of the airport in under an hour, but you could also do a stopover on our island for anywhere from 1 to 7 days, at no additional airfare. You will have the opportunity to explore Iceland's natural wonders and enjoy the culture and charming boutiques of Reykjavik.

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